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Even defeated Takin fight alone broke down trouble

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Dołączył: 03 Wrz 2013
Posty: 1806
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Skąd: England

PostWysłany: Śro 5:03, 13 Lis 2013    Temat postu: Even defeated Takin fight alone broke down trouble

's Note " Old Korea out look,[url=]scarpe hogan[/url], a cow's shadow flashed from the front of the vegetable. "2 meters long, the head and horns, did not see the tail, which is what the monster " Old Han slowly close to this Touguai cattle, strange Jumping cow hooves suddenly flee to the west, finally burst into the villagers Cai Anlan home yard. "Oh,[url=][/url], there Touguai cattle inroads into the house." Villagers holding sticks and shovels came keeping guard at the gate,[url=][/url], the villagers Yang Junli brought from home a book, and the other end of the courtyard "monster" a controlled, "This is a national level to protect animals, takin, can not hurt it." Yang Junli said. Subsequently,[url=]woolrich online[/url], the villagers immediately call 110. This is the first takin fleeing Cai Anlan home, Cai Anlan happened to work out, 15-year-old son and 13-year-old second son to stay in the back room. Takin rushed into the yard to see the brothers quickly closed the door, hiding in the house not come out. Living in the east room of the 85-year-old Liu old lady just inside out, suddenly see their own yard aisles of lying a Touguai cattle,[url=]woolrich donna[/url],[url=][/url], trembling with fear, legs soft. Subsequently, Liu old woman lying on the floor, and charged out of the house two grandchildren do not themselves slowly down the stairs to climb, has climbed to the second floor was out of the woods. At this time,[url=][/url], takin rampage began in the yard, a head chopped a large water tank, a yard and knocked down a door, a small farm house takin instantly knocked a mess. Emergency rescue ladder over the wall to take the transfer of small brothers "takin on the inside, please stay away from, do not crowd!" Heard the news arrived of Lantian County Chengguan police station, Blue Town Village cadres and cadres began to evacuate a large crowd. At this point, has been lying in the front yard takin aisle. Police and several villagers quickly put up on the wall in the courtyard after the ladder, first Caian Lan's two sons pick out from the house. Because Liu older lady, not over the wall from the backyard, while the other end of the aggressive takin it stuck in the front yard, people can not go out the front door. To protect the safety of the elderly, a police and a villager into the hospital quickly boarded the second floor,[url=]hogan outlet[/url], to the old lady brought water and food, the guardian of the frightened old man around. Outwit takin blowpipe spraying,[url=]hogan outlet[/url],[url=][/url], "Ma turned" Takin 9:46, Province Rare Wildlife Rescue Centre breeding animal protection officers rushed to the scene from Zhouzhi to begin implementing takin capture. Animal Protection personnel board shelves in the back room of a ladder outside the window was observed, the reaction is extremely sensitive takin seems to have realized what a Qianpu direct, front window glass will be a smash hit. "Quiet, everybody do not talk." When everything is quiet, the animal protection officer White Xuxiang holding a meter long blowpipe quietly boarded the ladder, the blowpipe into his house. 9:55, White Xuxiang suddenly forced a blow directly at takin needle neck. Takin frantically to hit directly to the windows, but the impact the issue, think of launching a second attack, the anesthetic has played a role. After 5 minutes, takin slowly fell to the ground. After confirming takin already under anesthesia, the animal protection officer entered the room will be takin carried out four feet tied. Then it heads more than 400 kg of takin being shipped Province Rare Wildlife Rescue breeding center. Expert doubts takin contention even defeat alone down the troublemakers, according to provincial Rare Wildlife Rescue breeding center deputy director Jinxue Lin,[url=][/url], this is an adult male takin, aged about 14 years, now is takin the mating season, which head takin may be in the Qinling Mountains in contention spouse was defeated when running down the hill. Animal health experts caution: do not be takin intercept the event chased,[url=][/url], distance to quickly escape,[url=][/url], if takin pounced, immediately lie down so sharp horns takin difficult to attack people. In infested areas takin do not wear bright colors, especially red, as red as takin often the object of attack. The group of text / intern reporter Huang Yaping Chen Yuchun Map / reporter Liu Ke intern Cai

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